Calling all high schoolers, grab your financial future by the horns and learn about the mathematics of finance! With this book, you’ll get an introduction to the mathematics used in banks and hedge funds, as well as the knowledge to measure and manage risk, allocate money to different assets, to value complex financial instruments, and more.

What’s included in this book?

  • Get an introduction to the history of money, banks, bubbles and crashes, and financial theories
  • Understand the jargon of finance
  • Discover finance-related careers
  • Learn the basic mathematics of probability, the exponential function and logarithms
  • Learn how to represent interest on bank accounts and bonds, and how to model share prices as random walks
  • Understand how to measure and manage risk, to allocate money to different assets, and to value complex financial instruments
  • Exercises to test your understanding
  • Spreadsheets to help you implement the ideas
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